It's the basis of multi-age teaching at Spensley Street

Finding out what students know and understand is a fundamental part of effective teaching and learning in every classroom.

Assessment is how teachers gather information about each student’s learning so that they can identify what students know, understand and can do. They use this information to plan future teaching and to improve their students’ learning.

Assessing students’ learning allows teachers to give feedback to their students and report on student progress to parents and carers.

Teachers at Spensley Street spend a lot of time selecting quality assessments, gathering accurate information about learning and preparing detailed evidence-based student reports that are given to parents and carers twice a year.

Read the school's Assessment and Reporting Policy.


This is important reading

We've put this fact sheet together to explain why assessment is important, how we assess student learning at Spensley Street, the assessments we use and the school's position on NAPLAN.

Download the Assessment Fact Sheet here


2019 School Council motion on NAPLAN

The Spensley Street School Council endorses the following statement:

Spensley Street School Council endorses the school’s Teaching and Learning Policy and the Assessment and Reporting Policy and believes the school’s current assessment processes are preferable to NAPLAN tests.

School Council believes that, for the purpose of determining student achievement, student performance is more accurately measured by ongoing teacher assessment rather than NAPLAN test results.

School Council believes it is important to inform parents and carers about their right to choose whether their child participates in NAPLAN tests. Spensley Street Primary School respects and supports the decision of parents and carers to have their child participate or not, and their right to withdraw their child at any time.

Parents and carers are informed about the school’s assessment and reporting processes and NAPLAN through contributions in the newsletter, a letter to parents and carers of Year 3 and 5 students, on the school website and by holding an annual information forum.

Endorsed by Spensley Street Primary School Council, April 2019.


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